Hysterical Revelation

by Chaos Dimension

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Slipped into obscurity
Mind shuffled, riddled beyond belief
Too terrified to scream
Even for a second, no this will never end

Breathing in the dark, freezing insides
Hysterical revelation
I'm tearing and ripping my eyes out
(I see)
I'm carving words into my skin
(I feel)
I know that they're coming to get me
(I know)
To reanimate me again
(They will)
Destroy the path that we follow
Our mindless and primitive ways

A fire in the sky, they've been here forever
Predating everything, genetics fabricated
I see our purpose now, servile conception

Ending the stigma of our whole existence
Yielding bodies, collective reconstruction
An embyronic plague, our cosmic surgery
They shall take form, as corpses re-rendered

(Ancestral consciousness)
Enigma, suffocating
(Bound by this pestilence)
Perception torn asunder
(The tortured and omnipresent )
Become synonymous




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Chaos Dimension Corona, California

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